Science 6 

Hello Students!  

  In the following link below, you will find Unit 1 that we have previously covered this year.  We are sending the information home for you to read over and review. You may complete the questions at the end of each lesson and write on this packet.  Please do questions 1-8 for review and you may choose to do the remainder of any questions as well for extra review. 

Please email us If you have any questions or concerns.  S.Hall (

Below is the link to Unit 1 material. The following are some resources we often use in our daily Science classes.  If you have Internet access, you and your family might find them useful as you work your way through the packets. 

 * Please note these resources are not mandatory and you will not need them to complete the work we are sending.    

Username     Ridgeviewmid

Password      bpop

Username      “click” Ridgeview Middle on the drop down menu

Password     RMS ( all caps)

Students can view any 6th grade material here or review any previous 5th grade topics in Science

*  If we have to extend our time away from school, we will most likely move to google classroom for instruction purposes.  If your child does not have access to a device ( chrome book, laptop, or a computer) we are working to get this provided as well.   

Mrs. Hall