Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Ashley Hill

Welcome to my page! I am an 8th Grade Special Education Teacher. I co-teach with Mrs. Teresa Deel and Ms. Shenna Edwards. My lesson plans coordinate with Mrs. Deel's and Ms. Edwards'.  Please see their page for more information.   If you have questions/concerns or need to set up a meeting concerning your child, please call me at 276-835-1601 or contact me by email arhill@dcps.k12.va.us 

Daily Schedule
8:15-9:22: Pre-Algebra with Ms. Edwards
9:25-10:32: Language Arts with Mrs. Deel
10:32-11:42: Pre-Algebra with Ms. Edwards
11:47-12:17 Lunch
12:22-1:30 Language Arts with Mrs. Deel
1:35-2:05 Math Intervention
2:05-3:15 Planning