Ridgeview Boys Basketball Camp

Ridgeview Boys Basketball Camp

June 13-14 (9am-12)

Grades 1-7 (Rising Grades 2-8)

Cost: $25

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School:  ______________________________________________________

T-Shirt Size:  _______________________________________________________

 Camp registration will be at 8:30am on June 13th.  To pre-register, please complete this form and return to Evan McCowan at Ridgeview High School.  You can also email the information to emccowan@dcps.k12.va.us.  Campers need to wear appropriate shoes, shorts, and shirts.  Each camper will receive a camp t-shirt.

 By signing this form, I hereby release Ridgeview High School, the basketball staff, players, and volunteers from any sort of liability due to injury, damages, loss of property, or other such issue.  I also fully recognize and understand the nature of this camp and the potential of risk for all participants.  Furthermore, I agree not to sue Ridgeview High School, the basketball staff, players, or volunteers and completely assume personal responsibility for any injury or issue that may arise.

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