New opportunities for RMS from New Peoples Bank

New Peoples Bank is a true community bank. From the beginning, we have dedicated ourselves to the community we call home. We’re proud to work alongside our local schools to initiate projects and programs that promote learning, increase school spirit, and help improve the overall education experience of our youth. We are proud to be a leader in the charitable giving of financial support to our local schools through donations, advertisements in year books, sports programs etc… As we move forward, we will look for new ways to strengthen these connections.

Staying true to these principles and in an effort to promote school spirit within our community in yet another way, New Peoples Bank is proud to offer our customers a Visa Check Card that can be customized with a picture of the account holder’s school logo or mascot. The customer can choose from a library of images which includes approximately 30 local school logos that have been approved for use by each school. We also offer the account holder the option of placing the logo on their checks if they so desire.

What does this mean for each school? A $10.00 donation will be made to the student’s school of choice for every new student account, (often referred to as our “KEWL Account” - Keep Earning While Learning), that is opened provided the school participates in this program. Also, if the customer uses the school’s logo on their checks, New Peoples Bank will donate half of the profit made on these checks each year back to the school. "KEWL" Student Checking Account