School Climate and School Safety Survey


32O Wolfpack Way
Clintwood, VA 24228
Telephone: (276) 835-1601       
John R. Whitner, Principal
Laura Stanley, Assistant Principal
“Home of the Wolfpack”

Dear Parent or Guardian, 

This spring our school, in cooperation with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, is conducting a school climate and school safety survey of students and staff. The purpose of this survey is to measure school discipline, student support, student engagement, and safety conditions in each school. This information will be used to guide educational practices that produce a safe and orderly school environment. 

I am writing to provide you with information on the student survey. The survey will be completed online using computers at school. The survey does not ask for your child’s name and all answers are anonymous (no one will know how your student answered the survey). Parents will not have access to their student’s survey answers. There is a copy of the survey available at school for your review. 

The survey will ask questions such as how students feel about their school, how students get along with one another and their teachers, how students feel about school rules, their perceptions of their teachers’ willingness to help them, and how they feel about attending school. They will also be asked what kinds of teasing and bullying they may have observed at school and whether they have been bullied themselves.  

All students in your son’s or daughter’s grade level will be eligible to participate in the survey. In some schools, only a random sample of students will be selected and in other schools all students will be asked to participate. The survey is voluntary and your child can decide not to participate. No action will be taken against you, your student, or the school if you do not participate. If you do not wish for your student to participate, please notify the school office by telephone or letter by January 15, 2019.

Your student will not receive any immediate benefit from participating in the survey, but the survey will help us to maintain a safe, inviting, and supportive learning environment for your student.  

Thank you for your cooperation in this important study of school climate.