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Test over Notes and Vocab- Date   April 26

Chapter 13 Vocabulary

Iron curtain- The political and military barrier that isolated Soviet-controlled countries of Eastern Europe after World War II.

Containment- The policy or process of preventing the expansion of a hostile power.

Airlift- A system of transporting food and supplies by aircraft into an area otherwise impossible to reach.

Cold War- A struggle over political differences between nations carried on by methods short of war.

Subversion- An attempt to overthrow a government by persons working secretly from within.

Espionage- Spying

Blacklist- A list of persons who are disapproved of and are punished, such as by being refused jobs.

Perjury- Lying when one has sworn an oath to tell the truth.

Inflation- A continuous rise in the price of goods and services.

Closed Shop- A workplace in which the employer by agreement only hires union members.

Desegregate- To end the practice of separating or isolating people of different races.

Stalemate- A situation during a conflict when action stops because both sides are equally powerful and neither will give up.

Demilitarized Zone- A region where no military forces or weapons are permitted.

Arms Race- The competition between the United States and the Soviet Union to build more and more weapons in an effort to surpass the other’s military strength.


Origins of the Cold War

Differences in goals and ideologies between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Cold War: The state of tension without actual fighting between the United States and the Soviet Union, which divided the world into two camps.

After WWII, the U.S. had to adjust its economy to peacetime life.

  Industries shifted from producing war materials to consumer goods.

G.I. Bill of Rights: gave educational, housing, and employment benefits to veterans.

How did the GI Bill help war veterans?

·         Loans for Education

·         Job Training

·         Business Startups

·         Home Buying

·         Unemployment Benefits

·         Health Benefits

The interstate highway system was Eisenhower’s greatest achievement.

The system connected the country, boosted the automobile and oil industries, and improved military mobility.

The advertising and marketing of products on television, on radio, and in magazines created consumer fads and crazes.

Popular Fads

o   Hula Hoops

o   Crew Cuts

o   Poodle Skirts

o   Pizza

Television became the main form of entertainment.

Popular Shows

o   I Love Lucy

o   Father Knows Best


20% of Americans lived in poverty.

  In the Appalachian region, the decline of the coal industry plunged thousands of mountain people into desperate poverty.