Hello My Name Is...

Samantha Mullins

I have a strong love for Mathematics and I am very enthusiastic about sharing my love for Mathematics. I am 24 years old and have a daughter. This will be my third year teaching. 

Welcome to my page! I am so excited to be working with all of my students this school year! It's going to be a fantastic year!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me!

My email is smullins@dcps.k12.va.us. 

I sent home a paper with students on ways to contact me after school hours please reference those as well. I have the facebook page link below.


This is the tentative schedule for the materials we are covering:
Beginning Friday November 3
SOL 6.9 Compare and Convert Units of measure (9 days)
SOL 6.10 Circumference, area, perimeter, volume, surface area (11 Days)
Benchmark 2
SOL 6.12 Congruence (2 days)
SOL 6.11 Coordinate plane) (5 days)
SOL 6.13 Quadrilaterals (3 days)
SOL 6.15 Measures of Central Tendency (6 days)
SOL 6.14 Circle Graphs (6 days)
SOL 6.16 Probability (9 days)
Benchmark 3
​SOL 6.18 Algebraic equations (6 days)
​SOL 6.17 Geometric and Arithmetic Sequences (6 days)
​SOL 6.19 Properties (4 days)
SOL 6.20 Inequalities (4 days)
​SOL review