Hello My Name Is...

Allison Mullins

I am entering my 9th year teaching in Dickenson County Public Schools.  My prior career was as an attorney.  I practiced law for 16 years before deciding to switch careers when my son, Reid, started school.  I LOVE the opportunity to teach the young people in Dickenson County about our GREAT government.  Reid and I love playing and watching sports.  We are also strong supporters of the Ridge View Bible Club.   To learn what is going on in Civics, check out the syllabus, pacing guide, and lesson plans for the week, go to the page, "Check It Out."


Monday,  November 27
Review CE 6 a,b

Tuesday, November 28-
Review CE 6 c,d

Wednesday, November 29 -
Test CE 6

Thursday, November 30-
CE 7 a,b

Friday,  December 1-
CE 7 c,d