Hello, my name is...

April Hay and this is 8th grade language arts.


Planning time: 1:15-1:50; 2:25-3:00
Plans for the week of: February 18-22


Monday - *daily paragraph editing
                *go over word study list (stat = stay, position, to know) - test Friday
                *work on introduction paragraphs
                *introduction paragraph assigned - due tomorrow
Tuesday - *daily paragraph editing
                 *go over assigned introduction paragraphs
                 *complete short nonfiction selection and go over item-by-item
Wednesday - *daily  paragraph editing
                      *review word study - "I have, who has?"
                      * go over nonfiction selection "Photography" item-by-item
Thursday - *daily paragraph editing (for a grade)
                  *go over previous essays making corrections
Friday - *word study test
             *work in stations