Hello, my name is...

April Hay and this is 8th grade language arts.


Planning time: 1:15-1:50; 2:25-3:00
Plans for the week of: January 13 - January 17


   Monday- *daily paragraph editing
                  *word study list (Cap - take, seize) ---test Friday
                  *grammar action / proofreading - from favorites
Tuesday -    *daily paragraph editing
                  *continue with grammar action / proofreading
Wednesday - *daily paragraph editing
                      *conjunction junction video
                      *conjunctions - do exercise 1,2, and selected questions on 4
                      *do correlative conjunction worksheet
                      *do workbook page 42 exercise 1; page 41 exercise 2; page 42 exercise 3
                      *review for word study test
Thursday - *daily paragraph editing
                  *practice creating their own essay map template including transitions
Friday- *word study assessment
             *complete a non-fiction reading selection
            *students practice creating their own check0off sheet for the writing SOL test