Hello, my name is...

April Hay and this is 8th grade language arts.


Planning time: 1:15-1:50; 2:25-3:00
Plans for the week of: December 11 - December 20


               *daily paragraph editing
Day 79)   *quotation marks sheet 1 together
                *assigned quotation sheet 2
Day 80 -    *daily paragraph editing
                  *go over assignment from yesterday
                  *do quotation marks practice on chrome books
Day 81 -        *daily paragraph editing
                      *use chrome books for jeopardy quotation marks
                      *do quotation marks sheet 3
Day  83- *daily paragraph editing (for a grade)
             *add quotation marks and commas to sentences
             *10 question nonfiction reading selection

Day 84 - *daily quotation practice
              *Snowflake subject / verb agreement
              *Christmas MadLibs

Day 85 - *8th grade Christmas movies
Day 86 - *1/2 day...music program and movies