Hello, my name is...

April Hay and this is 8th grade language arts.


Planning time: 1:15-1:50; 2:25-3:00
Plans for the week of: December 10-19


Monday - *daily paragraph editing
                * finish chapters 16-20 reading and summaries
                *Porta portal - "Jeopardy" - quotation marks
Tuesday - *daily paragraph editing (for a grade)
                 *quotation marks sheet 3 - adding quotations and commas
                 *read novel chapter 21
Thursday - *porta portal - quiz on quotation marks usage (from the smart board)
                  *red chapters 22 and 23
Friday - *10 question non-fiction selection
             *read novel chapter 24

Monday - read novel chapters 25-28
Tuesday: *snowflake subject / verb agreement (from favorites on computer)
                *Christmas mad libs
Wednesday: 1/2 day students go to the auditorium for movies