Hello, my name is...

April Hay and this is 8th grade language arts.


Planning time: 1:30-2:05
Plans for the week of: April 23 - April 27

Monday - *daily review - connotation
                * point of view power point
                *foreshadowing and flashback power points
                *symbolism power point
Tuesday - *daily review - foreshadowing and flash back
                 *irony power point
                 *irony worksheet in small groups
Wednesday - *daily review - irony
                      * non-fiction selections from desktop
                      *IXL (P.1)
                      *cause and effect relationships - worksheets in small groups
Thursday - *daily review - irony
                  *latest version of reading released test
Friday - *daily review - irony
             *continue with latest version of reading released test