Hello My Name Is Mrs. Webb

April 3, 2020 Dear Parent/Guardian, 

Please find the attached assignments for your child's Spanish I class. These assignments are an introduction to the other materials that we typically cover during a normal semester. I have tried to make them as basic as possible due to the circumstances regarding school closure. I have attached a set of notes to explain the material. The attached notes will help your child to complete the attached assignments. 

If you and/or your child have any questions pertaining to the attached assignments, please feel free to contact me via email at kwebb@dcps.k12.va.us (which would be the best method of contacting me), or you may contact the school at (276) 835-1600 and the administrative staff will relay a message. 

wohl be the best method of  Hoping that you and your family remain well.  Sincerely,  Señora Webb  I have now created a Google Classroom for my Spanish Exploratory students.  In order to join the class, please use the following code:  rymjtjw pg1.jpg pg2.jpg pg3.jpg pg4.jpg
pg5.jpg pg6.jpg pg7.jpg pg8.jpg pg9.jpg pg10.jpg pg11.jpg pg12.jpg pg13.jpg pg14.jpg pg15.jpg pg16.jpg pg17.jpg pg18.jpg