Hello My Name Is...

Dwight Davis

I am one of the typing teachers for Ridge View Middle School.
I will have Grades 6-8.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to
email me here at [email protected]
Or call me at 276-.835-1601.
Students will use google classroom to receive and turn in assignments. Each class has its own google classroom.  Students will complete assignments and turn in for credit.

6th Grade Encore 1

10:50 to 11:10
7th Grade Encore 1

11:40 to 12:00
8th Grade Encore 1
6th Grade Encore 2

12:45 to 1:05

7th Grade Encore 2 8th Grade Encore 2        
 6th Grade Encore 3 7th Grade Encore 3  8th Grade Encore 3