Physical Science 8
Betty J Kern





Grade 8 Physical Science

Teacher – Betty J. Kern

Grade description- The eighth grade will continue to increase vocabulary and science skills.

Broad Goals-

Students will strive to achieve individual set goals.

Students will work together with teachers to reach SOL goals.

Materials-Pencils, Notebook, Chromebook,                                                                                             

Class rules
             *Be prepared daily for class
             *No lying, cheating or stealing
             *No profanity
             * No cell phones, or electronic device(cell phone are only              allowed during non-instructional hour)



Participation- You will be expected to participate in all class activities and will earn a grade for doing so.

Classwork and Homework-We will complete several activities in class, but you will be required assignments that you will complete some activities on your own. Failure to complete activities will have a negative effect on your overall grade.

Test-You will have advanced notice of test on materials that is covered in class. You will have weekly 10 question quizzes, study guides will be given a week in advance.



1st   8:00-9:15

2nd  9:18-10:27

3rd  10:30-11:39

4th 11:42-12:51

Lunch 12:51-1:21

Encore 1 1:24-1:54

Encore 2  1:54-2:27

Encore 3  2:27-3:00




Contact information

[email protected]

School 276-835-1601