Hello My Name Is...

Wade Rose

I miss every student.  We use to work together everyday, however, the smallest of things has put a halt to our school. I think this actually provides focus as to how important science and biology is to our lives.  Although it is not a substitute for being together, I have assembled some review materials and instructions for the rest of the year.  Look in the study materials link and follow instructions to post assignments on the Canvas system we have been using.  If you need any assistance, please e-mail me.  I am also keeping virtual office hours Monday through Friday from 7:45AM to 11:45AM.  My number if you need to call is 276-207-8256.  Please be patient if I can't answer the first time.  Our little county doesn't always have perfect internet or cell signal.

I love everything about science and I'm excited to help your student explore the world around us.  I especially enjoy physical science, chemistry, and physics.  Help me develop an interest in science for your child and it will be rewarding for a lifetime.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 

Please look at the class study materials folder for the fourth 9 weeks period.  The materials and assessments for your student are located here. Some of the materials here are materials covered in class and should be reviewed by your student. I will not be reminding your student over and over to complete these assignments.  They should be responsible and organized students, ready to enter high school.