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8th grade Encore Assignment

8th grade Encore:  Let’ Make a Persuasive Commercial 

Persuasion--attempt to influence a person's beliefs, attitudes, intentions, motivations, or behaviors.  

We are going to create a commercial to try to persuade or convince an audience to buy a product.  

Find a commercial on TV to analyze or think of a commercial you have seen.  If you have access to Youtube, pull up some videos of persuasive commercials.  If you need a suggestion give a quick look at Billy Mays.  

What does the sales person do to persuade you to buy his/her products? What makes him convincing?

You may have noticed some of the following:

-Eye-contact, voice, confidence

-He gives many reasons why his product is great

-Catchy name, slogan, phrases

-He explains why you need this product

-Makes you feel bad or pulls at the heart strings or emotional

-Connects to your everyday life

-He explains why it is better than the competition

-He explains how it will make your life better and easier 

After you have been manipulated through the watching of a commercial—make your own!

Make sure to include the following:

1)What is the product you’re trying to sell? 

2)Why do people need this product? (It’s cheap, easy to use, convenient, it has multiple functions, etc.)

3)Why is this product better than the competition? (Tired of using the same old vacuum with all those messy cords?  Try the New Cordless!)

4)How will this make your life easier if you buy it? (This new cleaning product makes cleaning FUN!  Look how easy it is! All your friends will want to join you!)

5)Show transition between how your life used to be before this product, and how it is now!  (Look at how sad I am using this old boring blanket, but now that I have the new Snuggie, my life is like a party!)

**Make sure you include a catchy phrase, phone number, or throw in a few deals.  Make sure you are believable and enthusiastic! **

I would love to see videos of your commercials!  You can email them to me at [email protected].  Feel free to reach out to me if you need anything (even if it’s just encouragement, or an ear to listen).