Keyboarding Practice


I am Dwight Davis, I am the keyboarding teacher at Ridgeview Middle School.

For the rest of the semester, I am going to use the website:

for students to practice their keyboarding.  Students will use the account ID:   ddavis.  This will signify my classes.

Their login to edutyping will be the same login as they used in my class (user name and password).   Once students have logged in with their info, I will be able to see what they complete.  If they do not login, then I will not be able to see their work.

I have a list of the logins so you can contact me by email and I will send you their login if they do not remember. 


If you have previous work and you need to send it to me via email that is good.

[email protected] is my email. 

Feel free to email me regarding any issues you are having.


Dwight Davis