Welcome to 6th Grade Science!

UPDATE 3/31/20

Hello Students! Next week, I will post our

 class code for google classroom.  Your

science content can be found here.  We will

 be reviewing Unit 2 for the next few weeks
( Matter)  ! 

I hope each of you are healthy and well!  

Mrs. R :) 

FLINN Scientific has virtual live labs you can view at home from your device.  See info below


Click on this: https://zoom.us/j/858719581
For YOUR EMAIL please use: Science@Flinn.com
For YOUR NAME please use: Your favorite Scientist (ex: Einstein)

 Where your students will learn:

  • What makes an acid or base weak or strong?
  • What are examples of common acids and bases?
  • What kind of math do I need to know to understand acids and bases?
  • What happens when I add acid to base, or base to acid?
  • Where can we observe acids and bases at work in the natural world?



If you have questions you can email me at hrasnick@dcps.k12.va.us
I will check my email periodically throughout the day 

Check out www.nasa.gov!  You can help design a robot that will dig on the moon! 


Your child should be bringing home a weekly study guide, foldable activity, or other Science related materials on Mondays and/or Tuesday's in preparation for weekly tests on Fridays.  

Donations of clorox wipes and tissues would be greatly appreciated!  Thank You! 

www.solpass.org , jeffersonlab, and brainpop are 
great websites to practice and review.  Click on Science 6-8, and any Science S.O.L and play the review games or watch videos on upcoming Science lessons! :)