Welcome to 6th Grade Science!   


Friday, November 16, 2018


We are going to have an extra credit assignment this 9 weeks.  This will be due Friday, November 30th.  Students are asked to research something that we have learned this year so far, or gone over and expand on it.  They can submit this in poster form.  (I have some poster board supplies here, if needed)

  • Tell about the topic
  • Add any additional information that we did not cover in class
  • Tell why they chose this topic
  •  Be creative in your presentation
  • It is suggested that students use their previous notes, foldable, study guides as reference points for ideas and topics we have covered.

They may also bring their books home if needed




*Completion of the project, tuned in on the date listed above, with all criteria met, will receive a 100 extra credit grade for this 9 weeks


Thank You,

Mrs. Rasnick J

Your child should be bringing home a weekly study guide, foldable activity, or other Science related materials on Mondays and/or Tuesday's in preparation for weekly tests on Fridays.  

www.solpass.org , jeffersonlab, and brainpop are 
great websites to practice and review.  Click on Science 6-8, and any Science S.O.L and play the review games or watch videos on upcoming Science lessons! :)